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about me

Counselling is a process that requires active involvement from both client and counsellor.  It employs both the thinking and feeling capacities of both people and its focus is usually on relationships: past, present or the one you have with yourself. I place great emphasis in my work on attentive listening; and you can be assured that you will be heard and accepted in my therapy.

I work from a person-centred basis, (which means making you the focus of the work, and believing that we all have the ability to change and develop good mental health), as well as using other techniques, (such as psychodynamic and existential approaches and others), depending on what clients bring to therapy. 

You can bring any issue to the sessions for consideration and exploration.  There are all sorts of approaches to issues that may be taken: for instance, I may invite you to examine what is happening within the therapy itself, and this may throw light on the issues you are struggling with elsewhere: trust, control, dependence, intimacy or other issues.  A major aim in counselling is to increase awareness and understanding, and so questioning plays a large part in the process, to examine the underlying causes and meanings of your concerns, rather than ignoring or covering up.

I will help you to examine the issue you bring and think about its role in the past and present for you, through reflection and supportive challenge.  Together we will work on helping you understand what is really going on for you, and I will support you in making creative choices for the future which will help you move on, keeping you firmly in the driving seat for your decisions.